Installing Subversion Extension to PHP

I wanted to execute some Subversion Commands in a PHP script once, so I needed to install the Subversion Extension for PHP.

I began in the common way of intalling any PECL package.

pecl install -f svn

PECL downloaded the package successfully, but it gave an error saying that the phize command is missing, while trying to intall. After some searches in the internet, I found out that php-devel package provides “phize”. Since “yum” was there, things were pretty easy:

yum install php-devel

Once php-devel was intalled, I tried to intall again, using PECL. This time, it gave an error, saying svn_client.h header file is missing. Then again, after a long search in the internet, the solution was found. It required the subversion-devel package. Yet again, yum came to the rescue.

yum install subversion-devel

I tried again using pecl and this time the extension was installed successfully.


An Article on Implementing MVC Pattern in PHP

Here’s an interesting article about implementing MCV pattern in PHP by Samantha Jayasinghe. Samantha is a Tech Lead at OrangeHRM. This will provide a good understanding about MVC for the developpers who are starting to work on this pattern.

FOSS Web Development Tools

In web application development, right tools is a key to success. I made speech+demo on FOSS Web Application Development Tools at APIIT FOSS Con 2009 on 2nd October 2009 at the APIIT – Sri Lanka City Campus premises.

The event was well-organized and kudos for organizers for a job well done.

FOSS Web Development Tools

See my presentation here

Installing Webgrind, the Xdebug Profiler

Webgrind is a front-end for Xdebug profiling, released under BSD License.

Using this, developpers can easily monitor the functions called in a PHP script, and the times spent in functions by self cost or inclusive cost. (Inclusive cost is time inside function, plus calls to other functions)

It’s cross platform compatible and easy to use once installed. (Yeah, the installation is no that easy). I had Xdebug already installed, and after going through this, I managed get it running, after following these steps:

Step 0
Install Xdebug. (Already done in my scenario)

Step 1
Enter the following entries to php.ini file.


Step 2
Download Webgrind, and extract the archive to the web server’s root directory.

Step 3
Restart the web server.

Once profiling is enabled, the performance of the web server gets reduced slightly. But you can disabled profiling by changing php.ini as follows:

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