Installing Subversion Extension to PHP

I wanted to execute some Subversion Commands in a PHP script once, so I needed to install the Subversion Extension for PHP.

I began in the common way of intalling any PECL package.

pecl install -f svn

PECL downloaded the package successfully, but it gave an error saying that the phize command is missing, while trying to intall. After some searches in the internet, I found out that php-devel package provides “phize”. Since “yum” was there, things were pretty easy:

yum install php-devel

Once php-devel was intalled, I tried to intall again, using PECL. This time, it gave an error, saying svn_client.h header file is missing. Then again, after a long search in the internet, the solution was found. It required the subversion-devel package. Yet again, yum came to the rescue.

yum install subversion-devel

I tried again using pecl and this time the extension was installed successfully.

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